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I would like to make you all aware of the Tumblr, I haven't really promoted it much since it was just there. We decided on doing a weekly update on stories posted to LoM and a weekly spotlight.

This spotlight can be a new story that you really love or a story of old, email me with the link darlingazzy[at]gmail[dot]com, or comment below if you have any suggestions.

If you'd like me to cross post it to LJ I would love to do that, but I would like to hear in the comments if that even has interest.

Only criteria is that the story is located on LoM.

I will also remind you all that the Tumblr allows people to submit stuff, so you can do that.
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So right now there is still a problem with getting a hold of the people who own the domain, and we don't know if they will even get back to us before the domain is up for grabs, and most likely is snatched up by a bot. Should that happen we will have to do something else, like buy a dot-net, or whatever (we really don't know exactly what plan B is right now, since we are still hoping for plan A to work out).

But I'd like you all to know that 1) the site is intact on the hosts server, so it's just the domain that's the problem. The site is not lost. 2) We appreciate ALL your comments and emails about helping out with a donation, and we probably will do a donation drive soon, but since we don't know what the plan is yet, (we would like to hear back from Melbourne IT, or for the re-claim time to expire - before we know what we're gonna do).

Most important is that we are not gonna let it die, we are gonna figure something out, whatever it may be. And should we have to use a different domain, it will of course be posted both here, at the forum and at the tumblr.
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First off I would like to say from all of us mods, that the LoM is very dear to us, and we want nothing more than for it to exist for longer than Thranduil lived. But we all decided that we do not want to have all the work, and all the expenses, so it runs purely on donations. (not saying that we don't donate though). And this brings me to my point, so all of you who donated in our last donation drive, you should know that you paid for the host, and for the site to be on those servers till sometime this June.

What happened and why the site is offline, is because as I understand it, the domain was not registered with the host, and also sold to third party company while we have owned/used it. And so due to lack of comunication, none of us knew that the domain was about to expire. What we are trying to do is to re-buy the domain, so the site can come up on the dot-com where it belongs. There has not been a solution today, but we hope there will be one in the near future. Should you need a fix, you can always swing by the forum.

I will get back to you all when we either find a solution, or it's solved, but I assure you we are on it like hobbits on second breakfast. =)
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I made a Tumblr account for shits and giggles. Basically it's a submission blog, so submit anything you think falls in under LoM guidelines. Which would be pretty much anything expept girls and boys kissing. *gg

You can submit quotes, fic recs, images, jokes.. whatever.. just have fun with it.
Dec. 12th, 2012 11:58 pm

Lom link.

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I really don't know why the .com doesn't work for everyone, and I hardly think that the people we have to rely on for tech help does either. Since it's not the first time we have had similar problems. So for all you who have problems with that link, and gets redirected to something weird, try instead.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hobbit.
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Everyone! - Unfortunately, our site was temporarily hacked. We have cleaned all the malware, and Google consider us a clean site. We are still fixing one last problem, and in the meanwhile, if you try to access the site from a Google search you will be redirected to a non-existing site. For now, please use your bookmarks or type the site's address on your browser's URL field, please.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we are doing our best to solve this.
-Your friendly neighborhood LoM archivist Team.
Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:13 am


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I would have said something about the explore LJ issue, but i saw that [ profile] erestor explained that better than i could ever hope to. so go read it HERE Have you not read it, i think you should, cuz its pretty important stuff.
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It seems like it is my decision to lock or unlock. So, here is what i came up with. I took all your comments into consideration, and apparently i misunderstood the 'report abuse' feature, because it is already there, in the form of a link, and not a button as i thought.

first of I will not be friends locking the [ profile] libraryofmoria, but i will do a backup, just in case something should happen. I will not ban any pairing, or characters, because as i said, i am the believer of 'don't wanna read it, don't click the link' policy! So to make a long story short, things will stay as they always were, apart from one thing!

I could also tell from some comments that some people feel really uneasy about the open n17 posts, being concerned about youngsters stumbling upon stuff they should not read. So to accommodate this, i will change the open community rule on one place. because i would like all the members to feel comfortable.


If you (the author of the story) believe that the content of your story is not for everyone, you can friends lock your story, here at [ profile] libraryofmoria. If you chose to do this, then you have to lock the entire story, if it is a WIP (work in progress) please lock ALL chapters, and not just the ones with a high rating.

DONT link to your own journal, (use a fake link) if the post you link to is friends locked. To befriend [ profile] libraryofmoria, must be enough to read every story featured/posted here.

Thanks for your time and sharing your opinions with me. And i take this rule change on me, since the other maintainers seems to be MIA.

[ profile] azzy LoM LJ maintainer.

Addition note: I don't mean that all n17 posts should be locked, far from it! i am saying that its up to the author if they feel better with a locked story. but let me stress, its up to the author!!! (Personally i will not be locking up any of my stories.)
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I will still do a backup of this journal. just in case. i personally would rather be safe, than sorry. But I don't really think we need to abandon ship yet. But it seems like it is indeed under aged smut or shota if you will, that has LJ abuse team's pants in a twist, then i would prefer for all of our creative freedom, that this entire community is just friends locked. I really don't want to go about locking off specific stories or even single chapters because they contain possible upsetting material. I am personally of the opinion that the author should warn properly, and if you don't want to read a specific warning, then don't click the link.

So to make that long prattle short. I want to friends lock [ profile] libraryofmoria

[Poll #1033715]

EDIT: I can see on the replies that i should explain why i suggest the community closed. it is not because of lj abuse team, nor the big strikethrough, or paranoia. it is the "report abuse" button feature that i don't like, and i have to admit that a stazi method like that makes me a little (read:a lot) uneasy. So i figured that locking the community might filter some of those out before they even begin. I personally dont think that LoM LJ looses anything from doing it. As i said, i'd actually rather not friends lock any community, but i think that we would benefit from it in the long run, and i don't think that we'd draw negative attention to ourselves, i don't think that we are in the spotlight at all.. its all just a precaution. And at last i want to say, i made this poll, and posted my oppinion, beacuse i thought i was the only admin around these days, thinking the others were busy with life and such, figuring there was no harm in asking the members oppinion. This is just a poll! And no action of any kind will be taken before all the maintainers agree. - thanks for you time! Az
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I am sure all of you are aware of the big strikethrough. For now apparently only Harry Potter fandom is suffering from it. But it seems like Lj abuse team does not like the word 'yaoi' at all. And since i am not about to restrict this comm at all, then I for one would feel a whole lot better if we took some sort of precaution. Either friends lock the entire community, but that didn't help Ponderosa much, so i guess it wont help really, but it *is* at least some sort of solution. Or, i could move/backup this entire community's posts unto Greatest journal, or Insane Journal. whatever suits the best.

* A 'Report Abuse' link will be added to the footer of site pages. It will redirect you to where you'll be able to submit a report using the form that will be provided there.

* Deleted/suspended users will no longer be displayed on Profile pages unless one is viewing their own Profile page or is viewing the page in full mode. Additionally, if we've understood this well, their usernames will be grayed out and 'delinkified'.

(source [ profile] the_lj_herald)

So what do you guys think? I really need some input!

Edit: [ profile] _ice_lady_ showed me this, still this is HP fandom, but i think its really disturbing anyways! here and here
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