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Hello folks!

July 18th is the International Day of Femslash!

As such, we are celebrating and encouraging every one to join in. Do you like Alphabet Soups? Then join in!

How does it work?
Pick a letter and use the template to leave a comment below, claiming it. For each letter there will be a character, a place and a flower. You can use one, two or the three prompts to create a ficlet between 100 and 1000 words (although we certainly won't frown upon larger) or art, a fanmix, a rec set - whatever makes you happy!

Posting at the LoM can start as soon as you have your work finished. We will make a roundup post here and at the site, on July 18th. There will be an amnesty up to July 31st.

Are you ready to have fun with those ladies? ;)

Final notes
Ratings can be as high or low as you wish. G is A-okay.

For more questions or help with adding new pairings to the LoM, etc, please feel free to leave a note here or email

And here are your Alphabet Soup prompts:
Read more... )

Want to spread the love? We mightily appreciate it! Please use the code below.

It will look like this

The International Day of Femslash 2015 @ the Library of Moria.
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