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Hello all!

This year things were slow with the IDoS celebration, but we still were fortunate enough to get one entry.

Many thanks to [ profile] hhimring for the lovely The Crane and the Crow!
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It's that time of the year again! The International Day of Slash is coming on July 1st!

This year we will be celebrating by REVISITING. We invite everyone to leave a comment on that fic that you still remember after all these years, you know the one - maybe the first fanfic you ever read, maybe the first with that special kink you didn't even know you liked, maybe the one through which you met your fandom BFF. Go to the time machine and leave some love. If you're feeling frisky, post a rec or two here at the LJ comm.

For those of the writerly persuasion, take the character of your choice back to a place, a memory, a person, and let them reminisce or see where they go from there. If you're feeling kind of blank, please leave a comment below and we'll happily give you a verse as a prompt for your fic.

Posting and commenting can start of as now, until July 31st. Let the games begin! ;)
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The International Day of Slash 2015 @ the Library of Moria.

Hello all!

There are still IDoS stories coming in! Check out the latest:

Strength, Fortune, Fool by Nuinzilien
(Teenage Audience, Thranduil/Kili, Thranduil needs to act fast before his treasure is stolen from his fingertips.)

Ages and Ages Hence by Ignoblebard
(Teenage Audience, Eldarion/Eönwë, The cards were the Emperor, the Ace of Wands, and the Page of Cups. In this story Manwë represents the Emperor, the seat of power and strength. The relationship is the Ace of Wands representing family, origin, and virility. Eldarion represents the Page of Cups representing messages from a dream and new love.)

Banners for the authors under the cut.

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The International Day of Slash 2015 @ the Library of Moria.

Hiya folks!

We have two new stories, by [ profile] keiliss and [ profile] red_lasbelin for the International Day of Slash Tarot Challenge at the Library of Moria!

Like Summer Lightning by Keiliss
(Teenage Audience, Elladan/Erestor, Change, choices, love or career. Know yourself. Erestor accepts an offer to go and work for Cirdan. Elladan knows why and has other ideas.)

The Last Ship by Red Lasbelin
(General Audience, Erestor/Glorfindel, Erestor and Glorfindel face a new adventure. As with many previous adventures, they do it together.)

Thank you so much for participating, ladies! Banners below the cut.
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To those of you who didn't make it on time, the amnesty is extended till the end of the month! Don't quit! :)

International Day of Femslash news coming soon!
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The International Day of Slash 2015 @ the Library of Moria.

Dear friends,

So far we had three slashylicious entries for the Tarot challenge, but don't forget that there's an amnesty (or rather, a prolonged celebration) and that more may still come. To those of you still struggling with the muses - go, go, go! You can do it! :)

Here are the entries, by order of submission date:

The Best Night of My Life by Ysilme
(Teenage Audience, Gildor/Thranduil, Thranduil is tipsy, Gildor is amused, and both are very much in love.)

A Midyear's Night by Talullah
(Restricted Audience, Théoden/Imrahil, Théoden enjoys a night of revelry in the city.)

At Long Last, Love by Alex Cat
(General Audience, Círdan/Gandalf, Gandalf finally has time for love.)

Thank you so much for participating! Banners under the cut.

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Apologies for those who were linking to the challenge banner - I accidentally deleted the image, but it's back up now. The new URL is
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Hello folks!

July 1st is the International Day of Slash!

As such, we are celebrating and encouraging every one to join in. This year we are trying something a little different - a Tarot challenge.

How does it work?
Leave a comment here with your email, and I will send you three tarot cards. You can mix the themes of the three or choose just one or two. Write a ficlet between 100 and 1000 words, although we certainly won't frown upon larger, if your muse runs amok.

Alternatively, make some art or build a fanmix; make a rec set inspired by the theme. Most of all - have fun!

Posting at the LoM can start as soon as you have your work finished. We will make a roundup post here and at the site, on July 1st. There will be an amnesty up to July 7th.

Are you ready to have fun slashing? :D

Final notes: Ratings can be as high or low as you wish. G is A-okay.

We have always welcomed femslash at the IDoS. There is now an International Day of Femslash, which we will also be celebrating with a challenge. You can still submit an f/f pairing to the IDos, as before, if you so wish.

For more questions or help with adding pairings etc, please feel free to leave a note here or email

Want to spread the love? We mightily appreciate it! Please use the code below.

It will look like this

The International Day of Slash 2015 @ the Library of Moria.
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