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Dec. 20th, 2011 05:40 pm


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Been uploading a fuckton of older stuff to the automated LOM, too many to mention really, so go check out the 'most resent' section. =)

Also i wanted to ask you guys something, i would ask on the forum, but i don't think i remember my own password anymore, (i am a crap admin i know) Anywho, with LJ suffering all this downtime, would anyone think it a good idea to have another similar journal elsewhere, or is that just overkill? I thought i would ask, because i don't mind making it happen. But on the other side, this community ain't exactly used all that much, and you can still email the fics/chapters to us at LoM as usual (or upload them yourself). Thoughts?
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I recieved this mail the other day, (This is a snippet of the important stuff.)

I believe a malware virus has been uploaded or attached itself to the links of the LoM Site. Yesterday the site began lagging and the connection to it was lost for several minutes. Afterward my computer was continuously attacked by malware viruses and 4 trojans had to be removed from my system. To confirm, I returned to the site and was attacked twice more. I had to return to the site a third time in order to find contact information and was attacked again.

which is identified as as a threat called:
Exploit JSE WebStart (type 1066)

The malware removed from the \TEMP\ file of the computer is identified simply as:

So anyone who have surfed the site lately, please run a scan! We are working as fast as we can to solve this. I will leave you a notice when we managed to remove whatever it was that hooked itself up on our site.

Thank you to M for sending the mail making us aware of this, and thanks to you all for understanding.

- The LoM maintainer crew.

NB: We are not gone, dead or taken up inter stellar time travel.. we all just have super busy RL's.
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Hi, my name is Liz Ohanesian and I'm writing from LA Weekly. Gendy Alimurung in our office just wrote a cover story for the paper called "Man on Man: The New Gay Romance." It's about gay romances written by and for women and their roots in the slash fiction community. I thought maybe the Library of Moria community might be interested in seeing it.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the read.

Liz Ohanesian
Reporter/Web Editorial Assistant
LA Weekly
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Since i am updating and all, going through old stories, which is tons of fun actually. Then i have since the automated LoM started to upload changed some of the classifications and warnings to fit what is repeated the most, and what is most needed. If you would be so kind as to check your stories and see if you need other warnings or such, i would be really happy, cause there is no way in hell i am going to backtrack my choice of warnings for 300-something fics xD

You can just comment here, and leave me a link to the fic.

Thank you!
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