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June 2017

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Just a few notes, really just some odds and ends...

- Because the old update notification (via a yahoo group) for the LoM archive is dead and we can't get into it, we have decided to modify another yahoo group to serve the same purpose. The LoM Forum List will now serve as a means of notifying members of archive updates (FPS, RPS, and fanart). It's a convenience for those not as inclined to check the homepage every few days looking for updates! Important forum news and challenge information will also be posted there.

- Second, we love that fiction is being posted here so often! However, if you continue posting things here and at the yahoo group, please submit it to the LoM Archive as well! After all, that's really the function of these communities - to partner with the Library of Moria. Submitting your fiction to the archive allows it to be accessed by a much wider audience than this LJ alone would. All fics posted here, as long as they meet the length requirements and other guidelines, can be submitted - RPS and FPS. Works posted in the community are not automatically added to the archive - they need to be submitted. If you do want your work in the archive, but don't have the opportunity to do so, contact the LoM staff and we'll work something out.

- [ profile] eomers_elf (a.k.a. Tinker Bell)
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