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Sep. 3rd, 2005 08:33 pm


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mail from lxf yahoo group;

Hello, new listmom speaking.

James has signed over ownership of lxf to me after I emailed him and
told him that I'd hate to see the group go, and that I'd moderate it
if he were willing to hand it over. So, here I am, freshly in charge
of things.

I offered to take the list because I really liked the way it worked
over the years and how it dropped good fics directly into my mailbox
without swamping it completely. So there won't be any changes about
the rules or the list itself. All that's different is that your
friendly neighbourhood moderator and list owner now is called Lara,
not James.

So, keep the fics coming please. :-)


HURRA!!!! lxf are not going to close anyways! i am so releaved! and for those of you who do not know lxf - it IS really one of the coolest yahoo groups (loTr slash based)

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Click to join lxf

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with lxf gone. i would like to reccomend this yahoo group allso, for your reading pleasure.

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After several months of deliberation, and discussion with the co-mod, we've decided that
this list no longer seems to be fulfilling a purpose and that neither of us is interested in
maintaining it. There are only half a dozen people posting, all of whom are cross-posting
to several other venues.

I'd like to thank everyone who's enjoyed this list for the last few years. In a while, I'll be
deleting the list. (Will give the web-readers a few days to be able to log on and see this

So long, and thanks for all the porn. ;-)

List Owner

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! that was my favorite yahoo group!! only the more reason to pimp the LOM forum yahoo group then, we could use some life there.

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