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Ardor in August 2017

Ardor in August 2017

From the Years of the Trees through the Fourth Age – it’s time once again to make your Tolkien FPS fanfic dreams come true…

Have you always wanted to read a certain pairing or scenario, but couldn’t write it yourself? Have it written for you – specifically and especially for your own sweet self! And share your own gift in exchange!

That’s right, it’s time for Ardor in August! The exchange focuses on the Elves, Men, Dwarves, Valar and Maiar of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium. Maybe it’s Gildor and Glorfindel you love, or perhaps Boromir-on-Theodred strikes your fancy... or maybe Lúthien and Thuringwethil is your OTP? From the Years of the Trees to the Fourth Age, from sultry tales of the Silmarillion to romances in the Ring Wars – spread the word, recruit your friends and fellow authors, and have some fun!


Critical dates:
  • Sign-up period: June 11 - June 25
  • Assignments to be distributed no later than July 9th
  • Deadline for first-time participants: August 13th
  • Deadline for returning participants: August 20th
  • Archive opens: August 27th, 2017
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Are you ready to sign up?
Click Here!
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Snowflake challenge

Hello all!

The Library of Moria wishes you all a happy 2017 - may it bring you happiness in real life and fun in fandom!

For those who may not know it, here's a link to the Snowflake Challenge, a fun yearly fandom event.

Hope you enjoy it!

When days were younger by Taylor17387 & FANFICTION SEIGNEUR DES ANNEAUX~Daydream - by sidneyphoenix

When days were younger by Taylor17387
Summary: Melkor came to Arda to hurt it. Tulkas came to Arda to hurt Melkor. What the fighter of the Valar didn't know, is that his enemy would turn more dangerous once defeated.
SLASH Tulkas/Melkor
Rated: Mature Audience
Categories: FPS, FPS > Morgoth/Sauron, FPS > Multiple unspecified Characters: Aulë, Eönwë, Gothmog, Manwë, Melian, Morgoth, Sauron, Ungoliant
Type: Dark fic, Humor, Romance/Drama
Warning: Non-con
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 25389 Read: 99
Published: March 30, 2016 Updated: November 12, 2016

~ FANFICTION SEIGNEUR DES ANNEAUX~Daydream - TOME 1 by sidneyphoenix
Summary: 3 ans après la guerre de l'anneau...
Sidney Shimmer est une jeune fille venant d'un Autre Monde détruit par la guerre, dotée de pouvoirs magiques. Elle est à présent réfugiée sur Terre, et doit apprendre à vivre dans un lycée, comme une simple humaine. A ses 14 ans, elle découvre un étrange portail menant tout droit dans la Terre du Milieu. Arrivée là bas, elle devra faire face à de nombreux danger, aux côtés du roi du Gondor, Aragorn.
Rated: General Audience
Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Arwen/Legolas Characters: None
Type: Action/Adventure
Warning: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Completed: No
Word count: 63538 Read: 8
Published: November 13, 2016 Updated: November 13, 2016

Into Darkness by Lancelottie of Mirkwood & Trick or Treat - Mirkwood Style by TheTV-Junkie

Into Darkness by Lancelottie of Mirkwood
Summary: Thranduil is captured and interrogated by Sauron.
Rated: Restricted Audience
Categories: FPS > Thranduil/Thorin, FPS, FPS > Thorin/Thranduil Characters: Elrond, Galadriel, Sauron, Thorin, Thranduil
Type: Dark fic, Hurt/Comfort
Warning: Angst, BDSM, Interspecies, Mutilation, Torture
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1659 Read: 72
Published: October 06, 2016 Updated: October 06, 2016

Trick or Treat - Mirkwood Style by TheTV-Junkie
Summary: Co-authored work with pippychick.
A chain of unfortunate events has Legolas tricked by ancient Halloween magic. However, the treat he gets in return is well worth the trouble he has to suffer through beforehand. Expect silly, smutty Thrandolas with a happy ending. Halloween fic.
Rated: Restricted Audience
Categories: FPS > Elrond/Legolas, FPS > Thranduil/Legolas Characters: None
Type: Romance/Drama
Warning: BDSM, First-time, Humiliation, Incest, Kink
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 11139 Read: 87
Published: October 31, 2016 Updated: October 31, 2016

A game of madmen by Azzy & The Werewolwes of Mirkwood by Lancelottie of Mirkwood

A game of madmen by Azzy
Summary: Maedhros wants to give the crown to Fingolfin, but his brothers feel this is a family affair.
Rated: Mature Audience
Categories: FPS > Amrod/Amras, FPS, FPS > Amras/Amrod Characters: Amras, Amrod, Caranthir, Celegorm, Curufin, Maedhros, Maglor
Type: Hurt/No-Comfort
Warning: Incest, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4969 Read: 91
Published: October 01, 2016 Updated: October 01, 2016

The Werewolwes of Mirkwood by Lancelottie of Mirkwood
Summary: The full moon is shining above the snowy trees in Mirkwood. Thranduil is not the only one wandering the forest by night.
Rated: Mature Audience
Categories: FPS, FPS > Thorin/Thranduil, FPS > Thranduil/Thorin Characters: Gimli, Legolas, Thorin, Thranduil
Type: Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort
Warning: AU, Interspecies, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 957 Read: 29
Published: October 02, 2016 Updated: October 02, 2016

Lord of the Rings Secret Santa 2016 signups close TODAY!

There's still time to sign up for the 2016 round of Lord of the Rings Secret Santa! Signups close at midnight PST on the 15th.

You can find the rules here.

The important dates are:
- Signups: November 4th to 15th.

- Assignments sent out: On or near November 16th.

- Assignments due: December 17th.

- Stories/art revealed: December 24th.

- Author/artist names revealed: January 1st.

You can sign up HERE.

Lord of the Rings Secret Santa 2016 signups are OPEN!

Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood elves! (Hopefully of the Tolkien variety rather than the tiny and twee North Pole type. ^_~)

So, it's that time of the year again: time to sign up for the Lord of the Rings Secret Santa exchange! Slash, femslash, het and gen, fic and fanart; you can request it all, so why not join in? Sign-ups will run from now until November 15th.

Previous years' stories and art can be found, as usual, via the website or on the [ profile] lotr_sesa community.

Please note that this is an FPF challenge. (i.e. Fictional, not real people fiction/RPF.)

We're always open to all the Peoples and Ages of Middle-earth, which means that characters from The Hobbit are welcome too!

The Rules (2016):

1. Your story (or fanart) is due December 17th 11:59 pm Pacific Time (you can check what that is in your time zone here) and will go online December 24th -- please post it to the community (and nowhere else, until January 1st) and we will make it public on Christmas Eve.

2. Naturally, it'd be better if you didn't talk too much about your fic/art beforehand in places where your recipient could see it. Also, as a matter of fairness, please make your story more than 500 words (1000 is better). For fanart we'd expect you to spend at least a couple of hours on your work.

3. Please only sign up if you plan on actually fulfilling your end of the bargain. If you're going to be late or cannot complete your assignment, please let us know so we can discuss alternate arrangements. In addition, there will be a pool of emergency replacement writers/artists, so that everyone who signs up gets their gift.

4. Signing up: the sign up form can be found here (or here if the main link gives you an error message). If you need help with signing up, please don't hesitate to contact the mods.

5. This year's timeline (2016):

- Signups: November 4th to 15th.

- Assignments sent out: On or near November 16th.

- Assignments due: December 17th.

- Stories/art revealed: December 24th.

- Author/artist names revealed: January 1st.

6. When you're done, please add your story/art to the collection on AO3. All gifts will be revealed on December 24th.

That should be it. Assignments will be sent out shortly after signups close, hopefully on or very shortly after November 16th, giving you approximately four and a half weeks to finish your assignment. We realize that it's not possible that everyone gets to write their OTP, but we'll do our best to make sure you don't have to write something that squicks you, so be sure to let us know your preferences.

Have fun -- and spread the word!
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Horrifying October - Final roundup

Hello all!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank the participants of the Horrifying October event - it was wonderful seeing all those recs and new works emerge and I was so happy that there were so many entries. I hope that all the members of the community also enjoyed the event.

A special thank you goes to Himring, hennethgalad, and Alex Cat who provided fills for most prompts. Ridiculous Squid and Lancelottie also provided lovely fills for a few prompts - thank you.

(Please feel free to use the banner above, if you'd like to.)

So, here's the final roundup. If I have left anyone out, please let me know and I'll edit the post to add your contribution. Thank you!


Day 26: Smaug

New works:
- Treasures by Alex Cat (Bilbo has a treasure too.)

Day 27: Ëol

Himring's art recs:
- Eol Forges Anglachel by BlueOakRogue
- Trapped in Nan Elmoth by by TurnerMohan
- Silmarillion: Nan Elmoth by LadyElleth
- Welcome to Nan - Elmoth - Eol and Aredhel by Noldomirwen
- Also, this fic has an interesting take on Eol: The Bluntness of Grief by Quantumphysica

New work:
- Ëol by hennethgalad
- Mother and Son by Alex Cat (Eöl laments losing Aredhel.)

Day 28: Warg

Himring recs:
- Survival of the Fittest by Erulisse
- Image rec (warg riders): Orcs and wargs by TarGrond

New work:
- Wargs by hennethgalad
- Fire Burns by Alex Cat (Bilbo is cornered by a warg.)

Day 29: Beast With Human Face

- Himring recs "The Goblin Town Gates" and "Long Gone Before" by Dwimordene

New work
- Beast With Human Face by hennethgalad
- The Monster Beneath by Alex Cat (Frodo fears Boromir’s lust for the Ring.)

Day 30: Creepy Basement

Himring's recs:
- Here's a short humorous one: Your Dungeons are Inadequate by Aiwen
- And a longer one, with some action in the dungeons and cellars of Barad-dur: Bringing Trouble to Barad-dur by Aiwen
- Also, this one has a heart-breaking contrast between the caves of Nargothrond and the horror of the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth: Kingfisher in a Cage by heget

New work:
- Bilbo in the Dungeon by Alex Cat (Bilbo finds a way out.)
- Creepy Basement by hennethgalad ("Thanduil looked up in irritation as a small shower of flaking plaster...")

Day 31: Dol-Guldur

Himring's recs:
- ómaryo airetári-lírinen by somebraveapollo (She summons words of power, words of destruction, whispers them to the empty night sky.)
- The Better Part of Valour by Keiliss (Elladan and his grandparents assess the situation. It's not good.)

New work:
- Dol Guldur by Alex Cat (Legolas ponders the evil stronghold.)
- Dol Guldur by hennethgalad ("Mithrandil smiled warmly as Thranduil rose to greet him…")
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Horrifying October


And the last one - don't be too scared! :)
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Horrifying October - 4th roundup


Day 18: Orcs

New work:
- Bright Swords by Ridiculous Squid
"She whimpered and opened her eyes, the images still vivid before her…"

Day 20: Morgoth

Himring's recs
- Dark Fruit by Lyra (in: The Book of Short Tales) (Imprisoned in the battle-camp of the Valarin host after the War of Wrath, Melkor receives an unexpected and unwelcome visitor... and does some last-minute sowing.)

- Strange Fire by Dwimordene (Melkor meets humanity: a theological romance with Haradrim.)

- Sauron Applies For His Job by Himring (Before the throne of Angband, Sauron makes his application for the job of lieutenant to Morgoth, the Dark Lord. For reasons unknown and unexplained (possibly just to make things appropriately hellishly difficult) the application has to be made in rhyme…)

New work:
- Morgoth's Punishment by Alex Cat (Morgoth realizes the depth of his punishment.)

Day 21: Ungoliant

Himring's rec:
- Here's a rec in which Ungoliant isn't, zoologically, a spider: Conditional Release by Anna_Wing
In which the Valar make a decision about the conditions of Melkor's release from Mandos which is in my view rather better than the one that They actually made.
(This fic is great fun and a treat over all, but Ungoliant is actually pretty horrifying.)
- Here's an image rec, too. Not likely to trigger arachnophobia, unless anyone's got it really badly. Ungoliant kills the Trees by MirachRavaia

New work:
- Ungoliant by hennethgalad
- Darkness Again by Alex Cat (Ungoliant plans her future.)

Day 22: Gríma Wormtongue

Himring's recs:
- Drabble sequence at Tolkien Weekly by Huinare (This is the Grima tag at Tolkien Weekly, as I'm not sure it's cross-posted anywhere as a sequence.)
- And here is an individual drabble of the sequence: Scream by Huinare
- And another one: Dark Shall Be Your Dreams by Huinare

New work:
- Gríma Wormtongue by hennethgalad ("The orcs rose from the tall grass on either side of the road…")
- The Death of Saruman by Alex Cat (Grima does his last deed.)

Day 23: Deadly doctor

New work:
- Deadly Doctor by hennethgalad ("Maeglin, firm of purpose but cold with fear…")

Day 24: Lorgan

Himring's recs:
- Trapped by Zimra (When Aerin and her husband go to visit Lorgan, she sees someone she never dreamed she would meet - but it's more like a nightmare.)
- Morwen lives (a drabble), in: Aerin and Broddun II (drabble sequence)
by Himring ("‘My hair stood on end, I tell you!’ says Sador…")

New work:
- Lorgan by hennethgalad ("Lorgan rode towards Angband, cold from the northern wind…")

New work:
- Morgoth's Faithful Servant by Alex Cat (Lorgan served his master always.)

Day 25: Under a Spell

Himring's recs:
- Lúthien's spell by Dilly ("It was notorious, in Doriath, that Lúthien’s beauty was so powerful than her charms were able to cross the usual lines…")

New work:
- The Worst Spell by Alex Cat (The One Ring casts the worst spell of all.)
- Under a Spell by hennethgalad ("Bear shifted uncomfortably, the fleas in his dearskin…")

Day 26: Smaug

Himring's recs:
- Smaug, (in: The Black Arrow) by ziggy ("The stench of sulphur was overpowering, like marsh gas or rotten eggs…")
- Golden Fall by Kortirion ("Ripples glimmered, shining brightly where stray sunbeams caught them…")

As usual, please let me know if I've missed any contribution. Thanks so much to everyone participating! Hope you're having fun!
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Horrifying October - 3rd roundup


Day 6: Sauron
New work:
- Into Darkness by Lancelottie of Mirkwood (Thranduil is captured and interrogated by Sauron.)

Day 12: Spiders
Lancelottie's rec:
- Extermination by Apollonia (King Thranduil is fed up with the spiders slowly taking over his realm and decides that they must be exterminated. But when he meets the Spider King face to face, he learns that the Spider King agrees that there can be only one dominant race in Mirkwood and that the other must be destroyed.)

Day 13: Witch-king of Angmar
New works:
- His Doom by Alex Cat (The Witch king believes himself invincible.)

Day 14: The Temple of Melkor
Himring's art recs:
- The outside of the temple: The evil runs deep in Numenor by Oznerol-1516
- The inside: Sacrifice by MirachRavaia
- And a cartoon: The Last Laugh by Kitt-Otter

New works:
- The Temple of Melkor by hennethgalad
- Worship by Alex Cat (Sauron builds a temple to his master. Or does he?)

Day 15: Gollum
Himring's recs:
- "Here's a blackly comic piece in which the horrifying thing is what is happening to Gollum: A crack and the staff split asunder: Crackfic and General Wackiness by Huinare (Non-violent communication in Barad-dur, by Huinare (in: A crack and the staff split asunder))

New works:
- Gollum by hennethgalad ("Thranduil, his hair swirling like smoke around his pale face…")

- Unmaking of the Ring by Alex Cat
Gollum burns in the fires of Mount Doom.

Day 16: Corpse Land
- Talullah and Himring rec Harvester of Sorrow by Robinka (For the International Day of Fanworks: an orc and his grim job.)

Himring also recs two pieces referencing the Hill of the Slain after Nirnaeth Arnoediad:
- A Moment after Rain by Elleth (in: Sulimeo Quentar) (This is a short poem (and more of a treat than a trick).)
- Rian's Only Metal Hit by Amy Fortuna (This is labelled "humour", but that last scene isn't really played for laughs.)

New work:
- The Marshes by Alex Cat (Legolas has seen the Dead Marshes.)

Day 17: Thuringwethil
Himring's recs:
- Twilight’s Daughters by Rhapsody (Bereft of her guise, Thuringwethil remembers the fair Lúthien. Femslash. Adult.)
- To Love What Is Mortal by Astris (Thuringwethil pays a visit to someone she once knew. (Rather onesided Lúthien/Thuringwethil).)
- Dark Mirror by Zdenka (in: Drabbles: The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales) (Lúthien has taken Thuringwethil's skin to wear; Thuringwethil takes it back for a moment. (Lúthien/Thuringwethil. Warning for brief possession/horror.))
- Thirst by Clodia (in: Beneath the Sickle's Swing) (Thuringwethil after the fall of Utumno, drabble sequence)
- Luthien dons Thuringwethil's bat garb by Pandemonium (in: Gothmog and Draugluin) (A cartoon)

New Work:
- Thuringwethil by hennethgalad
- The Imposter by Alex Cat (Luthien borrowed her skin and it sometimes haunts her.)

Day 18: Orcs
Himring's recs:
- The Burning Cold of Snow by Erulisse (Mordor was not only used by evil in the Third Age. It had been used by Morgoth in the First Age. Brushkût, an orc from Mordor is trained to join the troops at Angband and sets off with his regiment, walking through the dead of winter towards the far north.)
- Caught in the Running Flames (The Damned Kind Remix) by Elleth (The Dagor Bragollach... from the other side, and a brief crossing of paths.)
- The Anatomy of Orcs by MisbehavingMaiar (An academic essay composed by an unnamed Numenorian naturalist; (an open-minded lady of the court of Ar-Adûnakhôr) concerning the biology and habits of Orcs.)

New work:
- Orcs by hennethgalad (Fingolfin stared in horror as the prisoner was brought in…)
- Shamed by Alex Cat (A very old Orc remembers his origins.)

Day 19: Shelob
Himring's recs:
- only the sleep eternal / in an eternal night by simaetha ("The world is a terrible place,” you tell the small creature, kindly.)
- The Spider and the Bat. in: Tolkien Drabbles: The Silmarillion, part 2 by Zdenka (Thuringwethil's intended tryst with one of Ungoliant's offspring in Nan Dungortheb goes awry.)

New work:
- Shelob by Alex Cat (Shelob is still waiting.)
- Shelob by hennethgalad ("The carter sighed with exasperation…")

Day 20: Morgoth
New work:
- Morgoth by hennethgalad (supermassive black hole time…)