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May. 10th, 2015 06:06 pm


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I was going to post these closer to the dates, but I don't want to risk forgeting!

None of the events are organized by the Library of Moria, but as always, if you participate, we welcome your works at the LoM, when it is allowed.

June, 2015: “We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month (by [ profile] huinare)

If you’ve written about or drawn Celebrimbor, you likely know how it goes: Before you is an innocent blank page, and, next thing you know, terrible atrocities are befalling Celebrimbor.

Sure, we can fault the Professor for depicting Celebrimbor during the final unhappy phase of his life and thus egging us all on.

But really, it’s time to stop passing the buck.

It’s time to apologize to Celebrimbor for all that we have done.

How does one apologize to Celebrimbor, you ask? So many options. Write a story or create fanart where not-bad things are happening to him! Make a craft he would like to wear, or prepare a meal he would like to eat, and upload photos of it! Make a fanmix or a filk! The possibilities for not treating Celebrimbor with heinous cruelty are extensive.

Easterlings Appreciation Week, 2k15 (by [ profile] maglor_20)

Hey, guys! Easterlings Appreciation Week will run from the 1st-7th of June. It will provide an opportunity for people to engage in fannish activities that involve the Easterlings, who deserve more exposure and love in fandom. The activities include writing fic, sharing headcanons, creating art, playlists, gifsets, etc.

No need to sign up, or ask permission, or anything of the sort. You can just dive right in, and put in as much or as little fannish labour as you wish. :) If you’re taking part on Tumblr, please tag your posts with ‘easterlings appreciation week’.

Please reblog to spread the word. :)

(Also on Tumblr)

PS: Don't forget, the ongoing [ profile] drabblechalleng's May challenge! (It's a multifandom challenge.)

The [ profile] lotr_community May challenge should be around the corner. (It's a gen challenge.)

And finally, check out the Every Woman Exchange. I nominated several Tolkien ladies! Let's cross our finger that some will be picked!
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