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Hi peeps! Hope you'll have a sugary, scary Halloween! The above invitation is open for the whole of the weekend. It's simple, it's easy and hopefully, it will be fun. :)

If you decide to write a new fic for the event, it can be free or we can hand you out a prompt. Just let us know. C'mon, do this before the NaNo madness begins!

Ciao, babies.
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It's Legendarium Ladies April: An Appreciation Month for the Women of Tolkien's Legendarium.

The event is run from a Tumblr blog but they also have A03 collections.

In their words:

It's a widely-known fact that Tolkien's female characters need more love, and Legendarium Ladies April - with your help - endeavours to try and celebrate them in the ways they deserve - by creating as many fanworks as possible! For detailed info, please check our FAQ.

Optional prompts to help inspire you can be found in our schedule. Prompts from last year can be found in our 2014 schedule. You're welcome to use either this year's or last year's prompts for inspiration.

The tag to participate will be legendarium ladies april. We also have AO3 Collections for 2014 and 2015 to post your fanfics to, and if you don't have a tumblr account but would like to participate, submissions or links to your fanworks elsewhere on the web are always happily accepted at our side blog, legendariumladiesaprilreblogs.

Roundups can be found here, and legendariumladiesaprilreblogs is used to keep all fanworks in one place.

Go there for more details and don't forget: we gladly welcome at the LoM works from challenges held elsewhere, as long as their mods allow. ;)
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I would like to announce the revival of the Library of Moria challenge, same old challenge, just a little revamped. You can read all information you need HERE.

Cheers, The LoM team.
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you didn't misunderstand anything, there was no voting, because only one story settled in my inbox. and so i do things a little differently, i will post the winner stoy here, and link from the board to this journal post, and Zoe sweetie, im gonna send you the banner in a mail too, and then you can upload it where you want to :)

'drumroll' i bring you

Author: Dock Leaf
Title: Snowdrops
Homepage: N/A
AN: Blimey, these bunnies bite hard when they leave it to the last minute…
Betaed by; Half Elf Lost, precious
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Uh-uh, they ain’t mine.
Summary: Sam’s starting to mend
Warnings: N/A
Pairings: Sam/Frodo (implied)

Zoe's Snowdrops  )
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you can enter and read about it HERE!

there is a thread for questions and discussion, which can be found on the LoM forum, and do you have any questions feel free to mail me!

Thanks :)
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The entries are up and ready for voting! :)

The ninth challenge

EDIT! - One author had had trouble getting the fic to me, and well i didnt get it untill yesterday evening, so i added it ASAP! this means that there is a fic more, so if you voted, (and someone did) please read the latest fic too and decide if you wanna redo your vote.
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When this challenge ends the 15'th of september, then there wont be launched a new one for some time, the challenge needs to undergo some administrative changes, as in being merged with LoM more. If anybody has an idea to something we could use as a plotbunny for challenge number 10 please let me know, yuo can just respond to this post!

Oh and the voting between me and Tink are done, and the three new mods for the forum are [ profile] dock_leaf, [ profile] shianha & [ profile] eremir - Welcome to our little dysfunctional family!
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you can find the winners and the other participants in this thread on the forum. For the participants, this now means, that you can take your banner and upload your story where ever it pleases you. The stories will be taken down within this week, as challenge number 9 will start, which will allso be announced here (amongst other places) - thank you to all you who submitted, and thank you to the voters :)

The 8'th challenge ended, thread at LoM
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ah have we ever waited for this!!!

::Click me::
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ok you can read the submissions HERE - there you will allso find the guidelines for voting in this challenge.

for those who are on dial-up or just likes this version better, you can download all the challenge fics, plus the voting rules/explanations. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

please note that because of certain circumstances i decided against letting the submitted art, be entries.. the artists will get a mail from me.. im really really really sorry.

- Az
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ok girls and germs..

remember that all fics are annomous (damn i cant spell that LOL) and
there for the information you sent me wont be published before the
voting ended. this means that all credit to betas are not given either
before the fics' authors are revealed.

i decided that i ofcourse uploads the fics on the challenge site, and
remember that changed URL - but i allso decided
that i will zip all the entries in a giant zip, and you can download
all the entries plus a admin note from me, about how to vote and the
different categories in wich you vote.

REMEMBER that you must vote in ALL categories if you vote, otherwise
your vote wont be counted. But if there is something wrong with your
vote mail then i will mail you back and tell you waht to do, so dont
worry about it.

I decided that this challenge will have a voting category in both art
and writing that is called ADMINS CHOISE - since i think its unfair
that i vote, and i really want to, then i might as well make this
award. i dont think Tink vote, so the Admins choise is just me *blush*

and in the end, let me remind you that when you enter a piece of art
or a fic, you cannot - upload it anywhere untill the voting ended. you
cannot tell anyone what fic you made!!, or link to a specific fic! you
are welcome to link to the opening page of the challenge (url above)
and pimp that as much as you want!

if you have any questions, mail me at

hugs Az
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the last chance for a submission for the lom forum's 7'th challenge is now
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i forgot that when i changed my own domaine name, the url to the challenge site allso changed (since i host it) - so here is the correct one

please update your favorites, should the LOM challenge site be one of them
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i had a PM from Fawsly with a very valid point.

I'm trying to remember (but can't due to orcs eating my brain) whether challenge fics are posted anonymously or not. Well of course you know who they're by, but when voting can voters see who the author is? I just was thinking that knowing the author might encourage/discourage people to vote (even subconsciously) when it should be on merit of the writing (or art) itself.

and i agree with her, you see this is why i dont wote. - SO i say

Yes fawsly dear, lets make this challenge anonymous i think its a brill idea! so all the fics that are for voting will be laid up on the site with no author. and then i will name all the authors with their fics when the voting ended. and all the fics are allowed to roam free on the internet.

-Azzy, Lom forum administrator

(nb fawsly, if you want me to remove your piece of the pm, lemme know)
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